$6,100 watermelons in Japan

Dansuke Watermelon in JapanWould you pay $6,100 dollars for a 17 pound Densuke watermelon, one of only 65 from the first harvest? Neither would I. However one man happily dropped that much money to be among the first to taste the sweet watermelon.

Above average temperatures in April and May help boost the sugar content of melons this year in Japan. Melons are a prized fruit, and are often given as gifts throughout the summer. Densuke watermelons are a special type and usually sell from a more reasonable $188 to $283 dollars in supermarkets. OK. That still isn’t a very realistic price to the majority of us. But, people are willing to pay that extraordinary price because of its unusual black skin which makes the watermelon crisp, hard, and without comparable taste. Via FOX News

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