Designer fire extinguishers for your designer kitchen

Kitchen Eye Fire Extinguisher

When most people think of fixing up their kitchen, and getting the latest new kitchen appliances, one faithful must have in your kitchen gets overlooked… your fire extinguisher. Don’t despair. Bicycle maker Miyata Industries has you covered.

Kitchen Eye Fire Extinguisher

Miyata’s new line of stylish fire extinguishers come in 4 eye pleasing colors, and have been approved by the Ministry of Health as food safe because it only contains natural fire fighting ingredients. So that fire you just put out when you forgot the Yakisoba on the stove is still edible even though it may be a little foamy.

With names such as “champagne gold” and “platinum silver”, these fire extinguishers no longer deserve to be tucked away out of sight under your sink. They should be sitting atop your counter proudly.

Via Trends in Japan.

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