DLP projector in a phone

When I think of DLP, I instantly think of those huge 60 Samsung TV’s that I had to sell when I was working in retail. As a matter of fact, a phone would be one of the last things I would think of. But leave it to NTT DoCoMo to shatter my image of DLP.

This phone uses DLP technology to project images and video onto a wall about 50 or so inches away. At 20-25 inches, it’s actually a decent size for sharing the video with a few friends standing around you. One drawback is its quite a bit bigger than a larger mobile phone today. This is still a prototype, so most likely we shall see a smaller production version.

A comment on the Gizmodo page brought up a good point. This is the sort of technology that would be very cool to put into a laptop.

Via Gizmodo.

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