Exoskeleton suit now available to public

Do you have an extra $2,200 a month that you are just looking for something cool to spend it on? How about this stormtrooper white Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) suit. Not only does this suit look impressive, but it will convert your brain signals sensed through the skin into motion. After strapping yourself into it, which only takes seconds, you will be able to lift up to 200 pounds with ease.

The system was created by Yoshiyuki Sankai of Tsukaba University. Its purpose is to assist elderly people and the disable, and allow them to regain mobility. But come on, who wouldn’t love to use this? What’s really cool is that with the brain signal technology, the system can potentially allow those paralyzed to walk again.

If you can’t afford the $2,200 a month for the suit. Don’t worry, there is a cheaper $1,500 version as well. Initially there will only be 500 suits created. Sankai refuses to make the suit available to the military. However, an American company, Berkeley Bionics, is hard at work at creating a 2nd generation suit for emergency rescue personnel and the military.

Via TGDaily.

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