$1,000 dollar luxury sushi roll

$1,000 dollar luxury sushi roll at KoiFor the sushi connoisseur’s out there, have you ever wondered what the most expensive sushi roll is? Sushi is already pretty expensive. The Koi restaurant in New York City has come up with a super luxury roll with a $1,000 price tag on it. What’s in this lush roll?

The outside of the roll is wrapped in langoustine lobster sashimi, then it’s topped with a drizzle of saffron and vanilla bean butter, rolled in caviar and then it’s all topped with a sprinkle of balsamic… aged 100 years. Of course, serving the standard ginger and wasabi sides wouldn’t do for succulent sushi like this, so they serve it with white Alba truffles which are shaved right in front of you.

Yep, I have to worry about rising gas prices (I hate that my car recommends premium gas), so I wont go looking for this roll anytime soon. Via Trendhunter

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