Japan’s favorite dog names

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Who doesn’t love dogs? They are playful, loyal, and one of man’s best friends. To many, their dog’s name comes to them almost instantaneously upon seeing them for the first time. Their actions, playfulness, and general personality play a part when choosing a name. However, some people do need a little help with choosing the name that be with their new friend forever.

Iris Pet published a poll that asked 2668 people what was their favorite dog name. Last year’s winner was “Momo” (Peach). This year, “Momo” also won favorite overall dog name.

Top Male Dog Names

  1. レオ (Reo, Leo)
  2. チョコ (Choko, Choco)
  3. マロン (Maron)
  4. ラッキー (Rakki, Lucky)
  5. ソラ (Sora)
  6. コタロウ (Kotarou)
  7. レオン (Reon, Leon)
  8. マロ(Maro)
  9. ココ (Koko, Coco)
  10. コテツ (Kotetsu)

Top Female Dog Names

  1. モモ (Momo, Peach)
  2. ナナ (Nana)
  3. サクラ (Sakura)
  4. ハナ (Hana)
  5. リン (Rin)
  6. マロン (Maron)
  7. ミルク (Miruku)
  8. ココ (Koko, Coco)
  9. チョコ (Choko, Choco)
  10. マリン (Marin)

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