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Free English Doujinshi

Naruto and Sasuke DoujinshiIt seems that English Doujinshi is hard to come by. Trust me, I tried all my usual sources and sites, and didn’t come up with much. Many of the scanlation groups seem to be concentrating on bigger manga titles. So your choices may be slim unless you are willing to learn Japanese. Then you doujinshi selection will be unlimited! For those of you wanting to learn Japanese, you may want to try a really cool book called Japanese in Mangaland.

Well after my search for some free stuff, here’s what I found:

Shounen no Yorokobi – A new scanlation group focusing on translating Doujinshi. They are just starting out, so they don’t have many titles. Their release schedule is also very sporadic, but they do have a few done.

Six Shot – Based on Zero no tsukaima.

O-cha nigoshi no perahon mirufa hen (ToHeart2)

Ichigo no Tsubomi (Strawberry Panic)

Doujin Moe – They have a bunch of good free English doujinshi. However, most of it is hentai related content. If you do not like seeing hentai, you may want to stay away from this site.

Sound of Rain – Bleach Doujinshi

Orange Pie – One Piece Doujinshi

Misa – Death Note Doujinshi

Hakufu Mankai – Ikkitousen Doujinshi

Fakku – Like Doujin Moe, lots of Doujinshi here too, however mostly hentai related.

Asphodels Haven – About 8 different doujinshi here. From the looks of the pictures, some of these may be Yaoi.

Juvenilia – Harry Potter Doujinshi

Happiness of Loving

Gokusaishiki Kyousoukyoku – Harry Potter Doujinshi

Aku Tenshi – The unholy trinity Mafia Doujinshi group started at Yaoi con 2007.

Shinobi no Okite Gaiden – Naruto Doujinshi

Alchemist Handbook – Full Metal Alchemist Doujinshi


Do you think doujinshi will become big outside Japan?

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  1. Doujin Moe steals other sites translations and puts them in pay section. Their content isn’t even that good for being unethical. Fakku has an okay selection I guess. e-hentai is the biggest English doujin site there is with the best doujin selection. Their galleries are free and located here They also have their own translation team who has done alot of works.

    You may also want to include doujin world. They are assholes but have probably translated more doujins than anyone else around.

  2. We need to find some ItsuKyon (Itsuki Koizumi x Kyon [from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya]) doujinshi somewhere. I can’t seem to be able to find any English ones ANYWHERE!!!

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