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HDR Photography of Japan

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The picture above may look as if it’s computer generated and fake, however that is a real photo of Akihabara. Using HDR Photography, HDR Japan has captured a unique look of Akihabara that cannot be seen naturally by the human eye. HDR Japan is based out of Okinawa Japan, but feature HDR images from all over Japan.

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If you’re not a photography buff, like I most certainly am not, HDR photos may be a foreign concept to you. Essentially HDR photography is just capturing a series of images at different exposure levels (brightness levels). After you have those series of photos, you can layer them together in photoshop and produce awe-inspiring photos. A better definition of HDR photography can be found at LensaMalaysia.

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What’s even cooler is that HDR Japan is more than just a gallery of cool pictures. HDR Japan is actually a community of HDR enthusiast. You can create an account, and upload your own HDR photography to share with the world. So if you are a fan of the photographs, or want to learn how to create your own, HDR Japan is a good place to start.

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