Hello Kitty Online

Hello Kitty Online

So, are you a fan of Hello Kitty and MMOs? Hello Kitty Online may become your new addiction. I have to admit, it looks like this game could keep you busy for awhile. Along with designing a very customizable avatars, you can:

  • Own pets, take care of them, and watch them grow.
  • Play countless mini games.
  • Work on your own private farm. I take it this is like owning your own house in other online games.
  • Travel to different places within the game such as Beijing, London, Tokyo, and Moscow. Interesting to not that this game is in English, but they didn’t list any American destinations.
  • Complete quests for rewards.

Along with the game, you can have your own blog and profile complete with pictures and video. Very interesting move by Sanrio, but will it attract their demographic?

Via Japan News Junkie.

What do you think?

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