Hello Kitty Tattoos

Hello Kitty Tattoo: Vampire

Hello Kitty, the iconic Japanese figure that some love, while others love to hate. These people love it so much they have decided to adorn their skin forever with none other than Hello Kitty. I believe the guy with the tattoo on his forehead takes the cake though. I would love to be able to hear him explain that one.

Hello Kitty Tattoo: Darth Vadar

Hello Kitty Tattoo: Zombie

Hello Kitty Tattoo: Forehead

Hello Kitty Tattoo: Hand

Hello Kitty Tattoo: Ninja

Via Hello Kitty Hell.

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  1. ok…. when he’s nice and old he will be wearing a ninja bandanna for the rest of his strange life… and that hair….uh.. its got army men all in it… hmmm… i wonder what his mom Darth Kitty looks sweeet.

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