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At Home Dad

At Home Dad (アットホーム・ダッド)Well I have not had much time for TV over the past few days because I was getting my site up and running, but now that the majority of the work is done, its time to catch up. Last night I started watching a new series called At Home Dad. Yes, you may have guessed its about a stay at home dad, but thats the last job Kazuyuki Yamamura ever wanted. Kazuyuki works at a major advertisement agency in Japan and has just bought the house of his dreams with his wife and daughter. His new neighbors are a couple who doesn’t exactly fit the traditional household. The father stays at home and handles the cooking and cleaning, and the wife is the breadwinner. Kazuyuki considers him a failure as a man and obviously weak. However, due to uncontrollable circumstances, Kazuyuki is forced to quit his job, and his wife gets her old job back. Can Kazuyuki handle life as a stay at home dad? Check out the first 2 episodes via bit torrent: Episode 01, Episode 02. Check out the rest of the series, and much more at

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