Homegrown marijuana problem in Japan

Marijuana publications in Japan

Japan is facing an increasing marijuana problem. The number of marijuana cases reported for the first half of this year has risen 12 percent (1,202) from last year. If this trend continues, police fear that 2008 will be a record year for marijuana cases. While this number would seem like something a small city in the United States and Europe would report, this is unprecedented in Japan.

Police have said the availability of seeds on the Internet have caused many people to begin growing plants in the comfort of their own home. Japanese law prohibits the growing or possession of marijuana for recreational use. However, it is not against the law to own seeds.

With seeds able to be bought so easily, and an increase of publications showing how to grow the seeds, Japan’s police are bracing themselves for a problem which they have no solution for.

Via The AP.

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  1. Hmmm. Interesting. I often wondered about this since a number of “head shops” can be found around the Shibuya and Shinjuku areas, especially in Kabukicho. They have the typical Jamaican flag colours, posters of Bob Marley and lots of bongs, bowls and pipes for sale. I thought perhaps it was just a fashion thing since Japan never struck me as a pot-smoking culture, but hey– maybe it’s catching on. I used to smoke, but gave up a while ago.

  2. i must be missing some important part of this story… people are using marijuana… what exactly is the problem?

    about 90% of studies on marijuana and its use by humans -studies done by people who do not gain from its criminalization- find that not only is it not bad for you, it’s good for you.

    SMOKE is bad for the lungs, yes. but there are plenty of ways to use the flower without combustion.

    so i ask again, what is the problem?

    japanese law enforcement will either do as the US does, throw hundreds of thousands of non-violent citizens into cages or grow the fuck up and decriminalize it.

  3. I worked in a construction company in Nagano prefecture when I was 16, and while I was there my boss, a 36 year old from Tokyo, smoked pot. I had always thought Japan was essentially weedless, and that most Japanese people who did “drugs”, including marijuana, were social outcast types. But this guy was very hard working and in a managerial position. He knew people who grew pot in the mountains, especially in Hokkaido. When I left the job to go back to Tokyo, he gave me a tea container full of marijuana. It is not as rare or foreign as the Japanese government would have people think-

  4. who says its a problem? ^_^
    not a single death recorded ever anywere in history
    non addictive
    impossible to overdose
    i see it as a great thing ^_^
    as japans marijuana laws are the only thing keeping me from moving there :D

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