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Ikki Tousen breast shaped food

Ikkitousen Hakafu Milk

Ikkitousen Hakufu Milk Pudding

In order to celebrate the Ikki Tousen Great Guardians PSP Game, the Cure Maid Cafe has added an interesting milk pudding dessert to their menu called “Hakufu no gyuunyuu purin”, which translates to Hakufu’s milk pudding. This dish is named after the main character in Ikki Tousen, Sonsaku Hakafu. I like the attention to detail that they even topped it yellow to match Hakafu’s yellow top.

Ikkitousen Hakufu Milk PuddingIkkitousen Hakufu Milk Pudding

But before dessert, you need real food. So the Cure Maid Cafe has a delicious stuffed nikuman appropriately called “Baku chichi nikuman”, which translates to big breast nikuman. Nikuman can be stuffed with almost anything from chicken and beef, to seafood and vegetables.

Ikkitousen Baku Chichi Nikuman

Ikkitousen Baku Chichi NikumanIkkitousen Baku Chichi Nikuman

Those familiar with the eye-appealing Ikki Tousen may know the anime isn’t shy with displaying the female form. You can check out an earlier post on anime fanservice to get a bit more familiar with Ikki Tousen.


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