Studying in Japan just got easier

Light writing in Death NoteThinking of heading to Japan on a student visa? Well here’s a bit of good news. The Japanese goverment wants to not only ease screening procedures for students wishing to study in Japan, but also extend the time you are able to stay.

Asahi reported that Justice Minister Eisuke Mori released the information on Friday. Currently, there are around 123,800 foreign students studying in Japan. The governent wants that number to be near 300,000 by 2020.

If you’re serious about wanting to study in Japan for either High School or at a University, be sure to check out the guide set up by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Asahi via FG.

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  1. Badka, the main reason for this is the decrease in the Japanese population. Without an increase in foreign students and workers Japan will have a very difficult time to sustain itself. I attended a conference on this last year at Waseda University and the Japanese government is very serious about this.

  2. I heard from a teacher of mine about a university in Japan called the International Christian University. Apparently, it’s a bilingual school, with classes in both Japanese and English. I’m very interested in this, as I couldn’t get into any foreign-exchange program.
    I hope this helped anyone who wanted to go…

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