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Japan to track down file sharers

Japanese Schoolgirls at the ComputerJust got a twitter update from Mashable that basically said that Japan’s ISP are going to assist copyright holders in tracking down Japanese Internet users that are guilty of file sharing.

Under growing pressure from copyright holders in the music, movie and software industries, Japanese ISPs have agreed to assist in tracking down file sharers, and eventually ban their accounts if they don’t stop their activities.

While that may sound like a very scary thing for the average Internet user in Japan, copyright holders tried something similar a few years ago, and the Japanese Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry stepped in and put a halt to it. I think that is a privacy issue, and I am a bit surprised that the ISP’s agreed to this. Talks between the ISP’s and copyright holders are to begin in April. We shall see what happens. For the full story, check out Mashable. If you use twitter, why havn’t you added me to your list yet?

Should the Japanese ISP's to help copyright holders?

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