Japanese bath phones for women

Mobile phones for women

SoftBank has just announce a launch of new mobile phones for the summer. Eight of the twelve new phones are geared for the female consumer.

After conducting a survey to find out what features women were looking for in cell phones, Softbank discovered that a waterproof cell phone was at the top of the list. When asked why women wanted waterproof phones, the answer most given was so that they could use their phone while taking a bath. Sharp’s Waterproof 824SH and Panasonic’s Tropical 823P (pictured above) were introduced to accommodate these women.

Mobile phones for women

Other phones released during the unveiling featured mirror panels on the back, phones decorated with embossed print, and various Disney themed phones. Up until today, many of the waterproof phones available on the market were a bit too bulky to be used frequently. They were aimed at the outdoor market.

So who’s willing to bet we wont see anything like these phones earlier than 2010 here in the states? Via Far East Gizmos

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