Japanese Horror – Kuchisake Onna

Kuchisake Onna

Kuchisake Onna

I’m not much of an American horror film fan. I watch them, but they usually don’t wrap me up into the story. Japanese films, on the other hand, tend to get me hooked every time. It’s because I’m so caught up in the culture that the movie appeal to me more.

One of the films I want to see is Kuchisake Onna, The Slit Mouth Woman. It’s a story of a woman who after chasing some kids and got hit by a car which slit her mouth from ear to ear. She returns to take revenge on children for her untimely death. Here are a few trailers for Kuchisake Onna 1 and 2.

Kuchisake Onna 1 Trailer

Kuchisake Onna English Story

Kuchisake Onna 2 Trailer

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