Japanese parents are the new Godzilla

Japanese parents are the new Godzilla


Angry PTA members in JapanA primary school in Japan put on a play of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs that featured 25 Snow Whites, but no dwarfs or wicked witches were in sight. What happened?

The parents of the children didn’t feel it was fair for only one child to get to play Snow White. So rather than forcing the kids to play different parts in the play, everyone on stage got to play Snow White. You may think this would be a cute sight to see, but this incident is part of a growing cultural shift in Japan.

Angry PTA members in Japan

In the past, parents have been respectfully silent regarding what goes on in Japan’s schools. However, lately those same parents are becoming more aggressive to the point of bullying to get their way. This goes against decades of tradition that many Japanese pride themselves on. The teachers at schools have also become more vocal on this issue. Some teachers have claimed they were even victims of bulling, heckling, and other forms of verbal abuse.

I know this is not all Japanese parents. However, this is a growing trend as many view Japan to be changing culturally to more of a western standard. Do you think the parents were justified to make the teachers change the play in order to make it fair for all kids? Times Online via Truemors

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