Japanese schoolgirl skirts getting longer

Longer skirts for Japanese schoolgirlsJapanese schoolgirl’s skirts are actually getting longer. That’s what the teen magazine Cawaii has determined. It seems that Tokyo schoolgirl’s skirts are actually on average 10cm longer than 5 years ago.

Many Shibuya teens are moving towards a more “wholesome” image. Shirts are beginning to not be unbuttoned, and makeup is looking more natural. The new look is being called “Celebrity high school girl” due girls wanting to appear more elegant and refined.

Don’t expect to see any knee-caps in Kobe Japan. Over half of the schoolgirls there are wearing even lower skirts than Tokyo. On average skirts are 20cm longer than 5 years ago.

Japanese schoolgirl skirts are longer

Sano Katsuhiko, uniform research director for Tombo, says

The ideal length for skirts is just a few centimeters above the knees. Tokyo is still too short, and Kobe is too long.

What trend will be after “Celebrity High School Girl”? Only time will tell.

Via Yomiuri.

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  1. I think the traditional skirts look really cool. They’re a bit like the kilts we wear in my school (in Ireland). OK you get cold when winter first starts, but you get used to it after a few weeks.

  2. A lot of the skirts are way below the knee in Kobe, but the girls often pull them right up, so they look shorter. So the lengths vary incredibly actually. It’s quite funny when you realise that short skirts are really just long skirts pulled up to the armpits!

  3. @jko are you out your mind, I hate the clothing the wear here in the west, alot of girls look like blokes now, it’s a damn disgrace, girls should just wear female clothing.. Go skirts..

  4. Kiryu-zero@ Whoa Whoa~! you can’t blame the ladies if they like the same clothes guy’s do. with the city and alot of stupid guys that are around skirts and dresses become embarrassing sometimes. But that cold weather there Brrr~ I can imagine, that’s really hard to get used to. *Im a girl* But that doesn’t mean to patronize the lot of us if we dont feel like dressing up 24/7! Lol Chill everyone clothing is clothing, nothing more to cover our bodies and keep’ em warm. But that isn’t to say dressing up here and there will hurt.

  5. it’s not boring, i think it’s good cos some girls dont feel comfortable wearing short skirts cos men will look down at their legs and it’s not right.

    It’s good to wear trousers sometimes.

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