Japanese schoolgirl skirts getting longer

Japanese schoolgirl skirts getting longer


Longer skirts for Japanese schoolgirlsJapanese schoolgirl’s skirts are actually getting longer. That’s what the teen magazine Cawaii has determined. It seems that Tokyo schoolgirl’s skirts are actually on average 10cm longer than 5 years ago.

Many Shibuya teens are moving towards a more “wholesome” image. Shirts are beginning to not be unbuttoned, and makeup is looking more natural. The new look is being called “Celebrity high school girl” due girls wanting to appear more elegant and refined.

Don’t expect to see any knee-caps in Kobe Japan. Over half of the schoolgirls there are wearing even lower skirts than Tokyo. On average skirts are 20cm longer than 5 years ago.

Japanese schoolgirl skirts are longer

Sano Katsuhiko, uniform research director for Tombo, says

The ideal length for skirts is just a few centimeters above the knees. Tokyo is still too short, and Kobe is too long.

What trend will be after “Celebrity High School Girl”? Only time will tell.

Via Yomiuri.

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