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Japanese Schoolgirls or Schoolboys?

Japanese Schoolboys

Japanese schoolgirlAfter catching up on all my morning rituals, I decided to head over to to read his new posts as I tend to do every now and then. He posted an article about Japanese school girls having to wear short skirts even in the freezing cold Japanese weather. I agree with Danny that while I wholeheartedly support the short skirts (how sexist), but I don’t think they should have to wear them while wading through the snow! So I continued browsing and found a really disturbing video on Japanese TV. The title was “High School Boys in Skirts.” Now, I’m thinking what in the world could this be, but I just HAD to click. Knowing Japanese TV, something like this isn’t too shocking. The audience is a bunch of Japanese schoolgirls who find pleasure and erupt in screams every time they unveil a new boy. SUGOI! I must admit, I was shocked they looked so much like females. If I didn’t already know they were guys, I would have just thought there were normal girls. I almost hated to admit that to you, heh.

Should Japanese schoolgirls have to wear skirts in the winter?

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What do you think?

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  1. If I was Japanese I’d be happy to wear those skirts all year round. As long as you keep your head and body warm, having cold legs isn’t that bad, in fact I quite like the feeling. We have to wear kilts at my school (I’m Irish) and ankle socks and sometimes it snows and it’s fine – in fact we throw snowballs at each other’s legs for fun!

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