Japan’s bubble clubs return for one night only

Japan Bubble DiscosBack in the early 1990s, Juliana’s Tokyo was the place to be at night in Tokyo. The club was one of Tokyo’s most trendy night clubs and famous for its dance stages where ordinary office ladies would dress in bodycon clubwear, feathers, and be the clubs’ amateur go-go dancers. Bodycon is short for body conscious, and were basically sexually flattering clothing during the early 1990s in Japan. Juliana’s regularly saw about 3,000 people a night, many of which were middle-aged men. These types of clubs were known as bubble discos (clubs  during Japan’s bubble economy)

In September of 1994, Juliana’s Tokyo shut its doors forever due to pressure from authorities to stop the stage dancing. Many critics of the club saw the women being represented as sex objects while others saw the normal office ladies as having a bit of power over men in the male-dominated Japanese society. Whatever the case, the club was shut down after a $500,000 dollar remake failed to keep attendance up.

AVEX GroupFast forward to early September. In order to celebrate AVEX Groups‘ 20th anniversary, they decided to throw an event to revive Juliana’s Tokyo that drew over 13,000 people. It was a huge success, and AVEX has promised to bring back the other big clubs of the 1980s and 1990s like Twin Star, Velfarre, and Maharaja for one night only. Here’s the schedule:

Legend of Twin Star
November 22 at Roppongi King and Queen

Legend of Velfarre
December 5 at Differ in Ariake.

Legend of Maharaja
January 30 at Roppongi King and Queen

AVEX Groups Juliana’s Tokyo party

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