Keepon the dancing robot

Keepon dancing robot

You may have seen the Keepon dancing robot in Spoon’s music video. Chances are, you didn’t. Neither did I. However, the bot’s creators have decided to form a company called BeatBots and take the amusing little bot commercial. Don’t expect to see him on shelves in Best Buy or Sofmap. In order to own one of these little yellow dancing machines, you will have to shell out around $30,000. Yep, I did say thirty thousand dollars, 3万ドル.

Keepon danced into the spotlight last year. It was a joint venture between Marek Michalowski and Hideki Kozima who programmed the robot to pick out  the beat in a piece of music and dance to it. Keepon can also mimic the movement of an object and move in time to it. Check out its dance moves below. For more information on Keepon, check out New Scientist’s post.

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