KeyholeTV servers are down temporarily

KeyholeTV servers are down temporarily


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Well, I just wanted to write a quick update about KeyholeTV as I have been not only getting tons of comments sent, but also yesterday alone, the KeyholeTV page saw over 2,500 visits from people looking for answers.

First I would like to thank Rick from for keeping people up to date on what he knows. KeyholeTV is undergoing maintanence on their servers as well as moving to a new location. As you may already know, this means that not only is the website unavailable but the actual service itself is down too. It seems that the website came up briefly yesterday, but it is once again down.

KeyholeTV have been down before, but usually it’s a very short downtime. This is the longest it has been down since I have known about the program. I will post again once the situation is resolved, but if you want to follow the comments, be sure to check out my KeyholeTV post here.

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