King Kizer robot uses Gundam technology

King Kizer Robot

Naoki Maru may seem like your ordinary factory worker in by day, but by night he is the mastermind behind the infamous robotic deathmatch champion, King Kizer. King Kizer has won the Robo-One tournament 3 years in a row, and has collected around $50,000 in prize money.

King Kizer Robot

Maru is responsible for building the robot, but his two sons pilot the robot in combat. Sounds like a mecha / Gundam concept doesn’t it? The reason it does because Maru uses one of the most basic concepts from the genre to operate King Kizer, a master / slave system. His son wear’s a special “master suit” that transfers his upper body movements to King Kizer. The lower is controlled by his other son using a gamepad. Check out a video of the system in action at Gizmodo.

King Kizer wins

Via Gizmodo.

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