Kodansha USA in September

Seems like the rumors floating around the internet were true. Kodansha is coming to the United States to set up shop. In a move to cut costs… and the middleman, they will begin selling manga in September. The new company, Kodansha USA, will be located in New York, and will be run by Kodansha senior vice president Yoshinobu Noma.

Kodansha manga

I think this is a great move because manga here in the United States, and outside of Japan, has seen noticable growth, not to mention that manga is a really competitive industry in Japan. United States manga fans are still in a state of absorbing everything fed to them unlike the Japanese manga community that is much more matured and has taken to creating their own doujinshi. The company that can bring over the best, and fastest translated manga will succeed.

For those learning Japanese, Kodansha may be a familiar name to you for another reason. Kodansha is one of the oldest (1909) and top producers of Japanese language reference materials in the world.

Via Anime News Network

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