Liquid nitrogen cooled Takoyaki

Cool-dere Q: Liquid nitrogen Takoyaki

Akiba GeteQ (known for it’s bear, alligator, snake, and turtle Takoyaki) has come up with a very unique, and new kind of takoyaki called Cool-dere Q. This ball of meaty goodness is dipped in liquid nitrogen to make the outside “minus 195 degrees” but the inside piping hot. An employee describes it as,

Cool-dere Q: Liquid nitrogen Takoyaki

For the taste, I think it’s delicious. Outside is cold and crunchy but inside is warm and thick. I’ve never eaten this kind of mysterious food. A weakness of it is in a second, the coldness disappears and becomes like normal Takoyaki. I would recommend you to buy a set of 3 and eat it right away.

Cool-dere Q: Liquid nitrogen TakoyakiCool-dere Q: Liquid nitrogen Takoyaki

With a description like that, who wouldn’t want to try this! Via Akiba Blog.

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