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AO Streams Watch Japanese TV OnlineSo, I have written about KeyholeTV as a way to watch Japanese TV online. However, I have found out another way to watch Japanese TV online that is a bit more user-friendly as well as much higher quality! Check out AQ Streams’ Japanese channels to view all sorts of popular Japanese TV.

AQ StreamJapanese TV Shows has 12 Japanese channels as well as two cameras featuring Shibuya crossing and the Tokyo Tower. The significant difference between KeyholeTV and AQ Stream is that KeyholeTV requires you to install an application whereas AQ Streams’ channels are offered to stream through a web interface. I have been a fan of KeyholeTV for many years, and I know that the software will be around for many more years to come, but while both ways currently work to stream Japanese TV, you can’t beat the ease of use with AQ Streams.

Japanese Streaming TV

While these streams are excellent, there’s no guarantee that they will be around for long. So enjoy it while you can. AQ Stream also offers over 60 channels of Korean TV and world news.

As of this post, here is a list of available Japanese channels and programming guides for each:

Do you prefer KeyholeTV or AQ Stream for streaming Japanese TV online?

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