Madonna is a Japanese warrioress

Is Madonna Japanese?Madonna… Japanese? Well that’s what she says. Madonna revealed that she was a “Japanese warrioress” in a previous lifetime. I guess stranger things have come out of Madonna’s mouth. This is just weeks after her very public divorce of Guy Richie. I wonder if this is ment to be a statement to Guy about the terms of their divorce. Maddona says,

I must have been Japanese in a previous life. I’m pretty sure I was a
warrioress. I can’t explain it, I just know. I’m good at fighting –
fighting with a big sword.

AZ Central reports that there may be a big custody battle between Madonna and Guy. This could be her signal that she’s willing to fight for what is hers. But why did she have to bring Japan into this?

AZ Central via FG

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Written by xorsyst

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  1. Ms Ciccone has certainly sunk in the deep end of the delusion pool this time. Someone should make sure takes her meds. Guess she found Kabbalah (mystical Judaism) too much for her limited intellect. I would like to ask her one question. Of which Japanese “warrioress” is she a reincarnation? Besides Kiso Tome Gozen, there weren’t that many women who were adept enough in bujutsu to take to the field. The question takes nothing away from my female ancestors who suffered stoicly, were loyal unto death, and who, unlike Ms Ciconne, did not have bother the rest of the world by announcing their delusional fantasies. As Otake Risuke (training headmaster, Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu) said, gender physiology prevents a woman from being able to perform in armor on the same level as a man.

  2. What an delusional arse! She must have watched SAYURI nodded off in her S and M rocking chair and awakened a Japanese warrioress. Perhaps it’s the Hormone Replacement Therapy thats affecting her brain?

  3. So sad when they get old and no one cares anymore. Now she has to spout off this crap hoping someone buys into it. Some people just don’t know when to quite and go away.

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