Magazine pictures fool vending machines


Fujitaka, the company behind the face recognition hardware installed in over 4,000 cigarette vending machines across Japan has a new problem to tackle. Kids using magazine pictures of old people.

Age Verification Vending Machines

Seems a Sankei Sports news reporter went around Osaka and Kobe using different pictures from magazines to fool the machines into selling a pack of cigarettes to him. He sucessfully used an 6″ wide and a 3″ wide picture to buy the cigarettes. He says he also tried using a 1″ version, but the machine rejected it.

The age verification hardware scans a person’s face and looks for signs of age like wrinkles and sagging skin. To me, that alone is its biggest flaw. With makeup, and beauty products, its becoming harder and harder to figure out a person’s age just by looking at their face.

I believe the only way this system has a chance of working is if the hardware could scan in three dimensions. That may stop magazine/picture false verifications, but knowing humans, it’s only a matter of time before people start using halloween type masks to bypass verification.

Via Pink Tentacle.

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