Make your own erasers good enough to eat

Erasers: Sushi

Bored and need a cool project that will take up a Saturday afternoon? How about making erasers shaped as fast food and sushi in your microwave. Yep, in your microwave.

Erasers: Fast Food

The products are from the Let’s Make Eraser with Microwave line of products. Currently there are 2 sets featured on Jlist, a fast food set that includes a soda, hamburger, and fries. The sushi set includes 3 nigiri rolls, roe, and a maki piece complete with eraser chopsticks.

Erasers: Fast FoodErasers: Sushi

To create the erasers, you apply the clay into the molds with the different colors provided. Then you place clay into what looks like a Chinese take out box, and fill it with water. Pop the whole thing into your microwave for 5 minutes, and replace the hot water with fresh water, and after drying, its ready to use.

Can these be eatten? I would like to go on record as saying no. But for only $6.50, it’s not a bad way to spend an hour. Check out the Fast food set here, and the Sushi set here.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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