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Makoto Nagano part of Chibi-Pa festival 2008

Makoto Nagano at Chibi-Pa 2008

Life in or near Florida? Want to meet the LEGEND of Ninja Warrior himself? Here’s your chance!

Makoto Nagano will make his first U.S. appearance at the Chibi-Pa festival in West Palm Beach, FL on September 27th 2008! Who is Makoto Nagano? You have got to be new to Ninja Warrior if you are wondering who he is, but I am always up for bringing people closer to Japanese culture. A little background on Makoto Nagano,

Makoto Nagano at Chibi-Pa 2008Makoto Nagano is a commercial fisherman and a regular competitor on Sasuke, shown on America’s G4TV as Ninja Warrior. Known as only one of two men to successfully complete Sasuke/Ninja Warrior, Makoto Nagano passed the final stage on Sasuke 17 with 2.5 seconds remaining. Because he is a regular competitor in both Sasuke/Ninja Warrior and Viking:The Ultimate Obstacle Course he is known as one of the Ninja Warrior All-Stars. This will be his first trip to the United States and he is looking forward to meeting all of his American fans.

You all may know that I am a big fan of Shingo Yamamoto, but second only to Yamamoto is Makoto Nagano. One cannot deny his skill when it comes to Sasuke. Luckily I don’t live very far from West Palm Beach, so I will definitely be there at Chibi-Pa. For more information, and ticket information, check out Chibi-Pa Festival 2008.

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  1. You’ve GOT to try to get pictures! I so want to go but may not be able to and I live a state away from FL. This would be a dream come true to see him. Email me also if you can regarding any details of your quest if you meet him! He’s SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!

  2. I love Makoto Nagano. I hope he has a wonderful trip to the USA. I wish I could attend, but can’t plan a trip to Florida right now. Please send my enthusiastic compliments. He’s soooooo hot!!!

  3. haiiiiiiiii,
    makoto nagano,,,,,,,,
    my name is putri ………
    you know that I’am very2 fans to you,,,,,,,,,,
    because you very perfect of Ninja Warior……….
    before,,,, I don’t know language english,,,,,,,,,,
    well…. I’am sorry if language english don’t perfectly……..

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