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Who is MRirian?

This is MRirianSo who is this MRirian that everyone’s talking about? Well thats the question everyone is asking. I was reading TrendHunter this morning and came across a post about this girl simply called MRirian. Her Youtube videos have received millions of views, she speaks Japanese, her blog is in Japanese, but is she really? TrendHunter‘s sources say her Japanese isn’t fluent, and if you listen to her, you can see that she just speaks very simple phrases, and her accent doesn’t sound authentic. Her features lead me to think that she is maybe mixed with Japanese on one side of her family. What bugs me about her videos is that most of them are just her sitting there playing on her Nintendo DS, or of her holding a staring contest with you as you waste 34 seconds of your life! It even seems as though while staring at you, she is holding back laughter. It seems she may be doing this as a publicity stunt. Who can forget about the infamous Lonelygirl15 viral craze? Whatever her reasons may be, she is definitely getting what she set out to find… publicity.

UPDATE: New post about the MRirian Viral Campaign!

Is MRirian the next Lonelygirl15?

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  1. Me too but really she is cute (im 15). I have a friend who is mixed japanese and hispanic (talks no spanish what so ever) but he does sound like her. She is definitely not a native of Japan.

  2. Some sources indicate that this whole MRirian deal may be a viral marketing campaign for some horror movie or whatever. I don’t know, though… It doesn’t seem to make sense.

  3. I read somewhere, it said that shes hoping to be recruited by a japanese model agency to make $$$
    and shes from kentucky, i hear shes born to amish parents that neglected her, wich drove her to drop out, and work earning minimum wage, so shes hoping to get some attention from a model agency >_>

  4. Enuf bout the viral marketing campaign – it’s not. That website came up long after Mririan’s been doing her thing, which she’s been at for YEARS people (pre-You Tube). magibon site is just some art student messing around (good stuff though).

  5. Its only NLP … What do you think when you watch it? you are trying to get a response of your brain ( imagination ) but wich association? and here starts all brains thinking.. its no answer.. she just look into the cam.. emotion ?? yes…your brain will give you the emotion ( response how you really feel intus

  6. oh my gosh. she’s a bit tragic looking. maybe that sounds mean but i dont understand how a chick that looks like a 5 year older with some disease can get actual views.

  7. wtf. i’m mixed japanese. she’s not mixed at all. she’s pure WHITE. she doesn’t even look remotely asian, she’s just good at tilting the fucking lens, a maneuver that about 394820498092834 weeaboos do to look MOAR JAPANESE DESU. ugh. little bitch.

  8. Her name is Maggie Ririan.

    She lives in Virginia with her TOTALLY WHITE family, although she was originally born in Florida.

    She speaks a few shitty Japanese phrases, but it is probably some god damn copy pasta.

    If you haven’t figured it out already this bitch is a weeaboo.

    She fucks with many Japanese people on a forum, (forgot the name) and has been epically trolling you as well.

    Have fun with this info…..

  9. i am so sad that I found out about the videos and one very bored night i decided to look at them. She’s the most annoying creature i am yet to encounter. Her weird mouth movements, the idiotic smile, the staring in the camera. I dont care if she’s pretending to be Japanese, thats fine. Just the weirdo cutness and the smile that makes the weird shadow on her upper lip that creates a moustache……

    ugh….sorry, had to vent. I just hate that I spent an hour today on stupid japanese wannabe american because of my curiousity :(((

  10. This is in no way related or can be compared to lonelygirl. This is just a pathetic, under developed girl-woman looking for someone to feed her insecurity. People do it, film themselves, take pictures of themselves, look at themselves in the mirror for long periods of time to find the deeper meaning. This can be interpreted as low confidence levels, insecurity and shallowness. The fact that they post it all over the Interwebs just shows that they’re seeking attention and hope that someone can define them or create an ego for them.

    I think the number of viewers keep peaking is because people are all curious over this dunce. Wouldn’t call her popular; just a passing phase. Let’s not compare her to babes like Tila, Leah or lonelygirl. (Y) :/

  11. Just watched the Nicovideo of her being interviewed on Japanese TV (sadly removed from youtube, but not nicovideo!) she get’s OWNED on Japanese TV. She can’t speak Japanese, and looks confused and almost like she might cry in some parts. The Japanese hosts correct her many times when she tries to say simple things in Japanese. I guess she can’t conjugate verb forms very well (might want to actually study the language!) She also tries really hard to hide her horrendous teeth. In the beginning she has her mouth covered with her hand for like 5min.

    Been reading a lot of comments on different forums about her, it’s odd when people defend her and say that people just hate her because we are jealous. No I hate her because she pretended to be something she wasn’t, and she is an attention whore. She got to go to Japan, but if she ever goes back its gonna be to be made fun of, again.

  12. MRirian seems like a genuinely sweet girl with a lovely personality. She is very good at expressing her feelings and emotions without saying a word.

    One of her dream is to live and work in Japan and from what I can see in some of her videos, I think she would make an amazing host/actress for TV shows for children in Japan.

    Because she sends out such sweet and peaceful vibes she is often targetted by bullies, which is unfortunate. But sensitive souls among us will always appreciate and see the beauty in what she does.

  13. sensitive & beautiful? this girl has agreed to take Japaneses Gravure photos of herself, aimed specifically for men’s! where is her self-respect and dignity? she is just another product of this entertainment crazed society.

  14. hi maggie, i watch your videos only one but i like & i watch your videos everytime why not you speake in english in your videos? ok whatever is your desision sooooooooooo i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i dont speake japon

  15. hey maggie im a big fan of your’s im a guy i or we would like to know why you dont speak english while you know english well its ur videos you get to do what ever you want tough i do belive all those crab they say about you but still i or we love you. you’r #1 fan

  16. Maggie Ririan,

    I am 63, love little japanese girls that aren’t really japanese, and absolutely love spending all hours of my life on message boards dedicated to you. Please continue making really shitty clips or sequels so that people like me can jerk off to all the YouTube videos you put out there and every remix’d one that other die hard fans like me create.

    P.S. — I love you, and all 6 of your snaggle teeth =)


  17. Come on people. Stop accusing her for claiming she´s japanese. She has never done so. It´s the people commenting on her that´s been speculating and stating wether she´s japanese or not. Not Maggie herself.
    Im not a fan of Mririan. Nor do i dislike her. But i admire her ambitions to learn and speak a foreign language as an american Something that seems quite unusual.
    In Europe pretty much everyone except the english and french speaks at least one second language. Usually english. When speaking that second language we don´t accuse one another or interpretate it as an act of trying to become another nationality.
    It seems to me you amricans are so stunned with Maggie´s second language ambitions you don´t know how to deal with it. It´s quite narrow minded actually.

  18. За статью спасибо, все по делу, достаточно много кто это уже использует

  19. isn’t she a fake? i mean.. it’s not that what she really looks like.. like all those teeth.. i’ve seen a real pic of her before without realizing it was her.. ahmm.. like some fake ulzzangs wearing those lenses that will damage their eyes..

  20. A mi siÄ™ MRirian podoba:) Jest fajna Å›mieszna i chciaÅ‚a tylko byc popularna dlatego rozpowszechniÅ‚a swoje nagrania video.Jest zwyczajnÄ… nastolatkÄ… wiÄ™c komu po co dowiadywac siÄ™ o niej wiÄ™cej czy to ważne że nie jest prawdziwÄ… JaponkÄ…??Może jest ale nie chce dużo mówic bo jest nieÅ›miaÅ‚a lub dlatego że ma wilcze zÄ™by…;) JeÅ›li macie siÄ™ jej czepiac to po kiego huja oglÄ…dacie jej filmiki sÄ… bo sÄ… ale nietrzeba ich komentowac wulgarnym sÅ‚ownictwem!!! MRirian is absolutly normal american girl!:)

  21. she is 22, that is stated on her youtube page. so she is clearly legal and for anyone under 18, she is too old for you. i think she is beautiful, bad teeth and all, they add a certain charm to her for me.

  22. That motherfucking bitch is not Japanese. She speaks simple even fucked up Japanese in her videos. Why do people always assume she’s half or something? She’s a fucking white girl with no life and wants to live on Japan by posing for PLAYBOY.

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