Who is MRirian?

Who is MRirian?


This is MRirianSo who is this MRirian that everyone’s talking about? Well thats the question everyone is asking. I was reading TrendHunter this morning and came across a post about this girl simply called MRirian. Her Youtube videos have received millions of views, she speaks Japanese, her blog is in Japanese, but is she really? TrendHunter‘s sources say her Japanese isn’t fluent, and if you listen to her, you can see that she just speaks very simple phrases, and her accent doesn’t sound authentic. Her features lead me to think that she is maybe mixed with Japanese on one side of her family. What bugs me about her videos is that most of them are just her sitting there playing on her Nintendo DS, or of her holding a staring contest with you as you waste 34 seconds of your life! It even seems as though while staring at you, she is holding back laughter. It seems she may be doing this as a publicity stunt. Who can forget about the infamous Lonelygirl15 viral craze? Whatever her reasons may be, she is definitely getting what she set out to find… publicity.

UPDATE: New post about the MRirian Viral Campaign!

Is MRirian the next Lonelygirl15?

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