Handmade Musical Vegetables

Musical VegetablesMeet the man that goes by heita3. He’s from Okayama Japan, a devoted teacher, fan of poetry, and loves to make music instruments out of ripe, delicious vegetables. He has become pretty popular on Youtube garnering almost a quarter of a million channel views.Â

Mr. Heita3 was first inspired by the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, an ensemble from Veinna Austra. He then set out to see if he can create musical vegetables of his own. What started out as a simple carrot ocarina soon blossomed into a musical hobby he had to share with the rest of the world. Check out a few of his musical instruments below. Be sure to add him as a friend on myspace too!

Carrot, Cucumber, and Bell Pepper Trumpet – March of the bees

Butterbur Oboe – Lightly Row

Carrot Pan-flute – Moon on the ruined castle

Mushroom Ocarina – Mary had a little lamb

Dikon Whistle – Silent Night (musume-san on lyrics)

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