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Movie for JRock fans: Nana

Nana 2 Movie Cover

Nana 2 was released today by VIZ Pictures. Those that love JRock will enjoy this movie.

If you haven’t seen the first Nana movie, the story revolves around two girls both named Nana. They are about the same age, and share a love for JRock. Nana Komatsu plays guitar in a JRock band, and Nana Osaki is a aspiring JRock vocalist. Both Nana’s just so happens to even end up living together. But despite them sharing names, a love of JRock, and living together, the two Nana’s can’t be more different. The story goes on to show how the girls survive the hardships of life and love.


Nana 2 continues to focus on both girls and how they are dealing with life. However, the main storyline is Nana Komatsu’s love triangle with Takumi Ichinose, the bass player of her favorite band TRAPNEST, and Nobu, the guitarist of The Black Stones. Things get even worse because The Black Stone’s singer is Nana Osaki! But Nana Osaki also has a bit of a problem. She has a secret relationship with TRAPNEST’s guitarist Ren, who was The Black Stone’s original bass player, and Nana Komatsu’s ex boyfriend.

Nana 2 movie trailer

Confused yet? With a story like this, you may want to end up seeing both Nana and Nana 2. The original manga for Nana sold over 22 million copies, so it was only a matter of time before this story was taken to the big screen. Here are a few trailers. And if you love JRock music, check out my list of recommend JRock titles!

Nana 2 Trailer

(sorry, can’t find an English Nana 2 trailer)

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