Narita Airport customs loses its marijuana

Wow, just wow. Seems during a training exercise for drug sniffing dogs at Narita, things went horribly wrong. Custom officials planted 124grams of marijuana in a random traveler’s luggage to help train the dogs. However on the luggage’s trip from Hong Kong to Narita, custom officials were not aware of where the luggage was.

For one, custom officials are banned from using traveler’s luggage for training purposes, but they did so anyways. So officials set out to contact every passenger that was on the flight. They later found the passenger at a love hotel in Tokyo. He was unaware of the marijuana in his luggage. The South China Morning post had a little cartoon about the whole ordeal. Very fitting if you ask me. Japan Probe via Boing Boing

Narita Drug Sniffing Dog

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Written by xorsyst

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