Naughty Japanese Pudding

Japanese Breast Pudding

Japanese Sweet Breast PuddingYou may have caught my top 10 weird Japanese drinks link yesterday, but today I give you one naughty desert from the land of the rising sun. These sweet breast puddings are sold in Akihabara for around 400 yen. Those that have tried it say funnily enough they taste a bit milky and soft. Steve from Inventor’s Spot points out,

It’s also curious that a conscious effort was made to provide variety among the various “girls” whose braless bosoms are displayed so brazenly. Why the blonde, European-looking lady has oddly squared-off boobs is beyond me…

Very good question. Via Inventor’s Spot

Japanese Sweet Breast PuddingJapanese Sweet Breast PuddingJapanese Sweet Breast Pudding

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