New site for Japan Bloggers

New site for Japan Bloggers


If you’re a fan of, I can guarantee you’re a fan of Japan. I love everything about Japan except the cost of actually visiting Japan. However, I admit I can be really selective about what I post here on I post things that I myself find interesting and I hope you find things interesting too. But there is a whole world of Japan focused blogs out there!

Billy from 7:10 to Tokyo has created a new site called Japan Blogger that hopes to gather all of the best Japan related blogs online so that we can all find new ways to feed our Japanese addiction. I invite you to check it out and discover a few new blogs to add to your daily reads.

While you are there, be sure to vote for! I really do appreciate it. If you own a Japan focused blog, you can also add your blog to the list. Check out Japan Blogger today!

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