Store the dead in automated warehouses

Nichiryoku cremation system

With space in the busy areas of Japan at a premium, burying the deceased can be a stress filled, headache inducing, and an expensive event. However, leave it to the Japanese to come up with a ingenious way of solving this problem with a bit of technology.

Nichiryoku cremation systemNichiryoku has created an automated cremation retrieval system. When you present a RFID key, the system then retrieves your loved one’s cremated remains and presents them in a semi-private prayer area. There are a few different locations to accommodate as many people as possible.

How would you feel about having your loved ones in a place like this? While this is a very creative, and unique idea, essentially what you have here is a rented self-storage warehouse for your loved ones’s remains. One could argue that a cemetery is the same thing I guess. One thing is for sure, at least they came up with a solution for a pressing problem in Japan.

Nichiryoku cremation system

Via Trends in Japan.

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  1. This has to be the most technologically advance system for cremation I have ever seen. The creators of this are extremely forward thinking and creative. As someone in the cremation business this is truly amazing and opens my eyes to the possibilities that are out there.

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