Nike kicks homeless out of Miyashita Park

Miyashita Park Homeless

Nike Japan is throwing the homeless out of Miyashita Park in Shibuya in order to build a skate park.

Nike Park, formerly Miyashita Park has been run down for many years now. Currently its inhabited by 34 homeless people that live in shacks made from tarps. They plan on cleaning up the park, turning it into a skate park and adding a cafe. They will charge a fee in order to use the skating area as well. In total, they will spend around 600 million yen (5.6 million dollars) renovating the park.

Protest signs for Nike Park

Feelings are mixed about this move from Nike. While many skaters are happy to have a place to skate, kicking out the homeless living there has sparked a debate. Currently, there is a group of activist that have set up a campaign called “Keep it Miyashita.” They hope to keep the park for the homeless so they will have a place to call home.

Miyashita Park Homeless

Miyashita Park Homeless

Should the homeless be kicked out of Miyashita Park

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Via The Observers and IRA Blog.

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  1. In first instance, it’s not good that they stay in a park, and they don’t have the right to restrict the right of others.
    It’s obvious that people look bad the actions Nike should take, but it’s because of ignorance in the importance of the rule of law. They will only understand when they need police to catch someone who stole something from them with the same “right” the homeless are staying in this place.
    I’m obviously against the idea o leaving someone without a home, but that’s something government should take care of, not Nike.

  2. If Nike wanted to avoid the negative publicity there should have been some type of donation to the government to help these people move into better conditions. I do not know the social systems in Japan, but many of these people are probably not just economically poor, but might also suffer from mental illness. It is time for these companies to stop pushing around people and do something! I for one do not buy Nike products due to the company’s other human rights abuses. Does the organization fighting this removal have a website so that people can sign a petition?

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