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Ningin – The Asian Social Bookmarking Community

Ningin, the Asian Social Bookmarking CommunityJust got an email from the owner of Ningin, and was pleasantly surprised. Seems my post for the new Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Trailer has reached a red stared, level 5 post.

Dear Louis,

I just want to congratulate you for one of your more popular posts on our site this past week: Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Trailer

It reached level 5, or a red star, which is pretty rare.

Thanks to everyone at the Ningin community for making this happen. If you have never heard of Ningin, you’re in for a treat. They feature a very active community that is truly interested in Asian culture. It reminds me of a cross between Digg and Reddit, but solely for Asian interest. If you’re a reader of this blog, you obviously have an interest in Asian pop culture, so be sure to check out and sign up for Ningin.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. Hey thanks for the write-up! We started out as just social news, but have been expanding to forums and blog network as well. So we’re more of a community for Asian media. The goal is to centralize stuff and bring attention to great content like the posts here at Xorsyst.

  2. Ah, I will add that to my review. I didn’t even see the forums until you mentioned it. Sorry about that.

    Does Ningin promote in any way? I think I found out about Ningin from Pingmag I believe. I cant remember clearly though. With the level of activity going on there, I’m sure your community will grow with more exposure, especially to the blog scene.

    I have noticed you have many of the bigger blogs on your AutoSubmit, which keeps your social sites filled with good info. I run a social bookmarking site for Otaku related news, (being redesigned in a new CMS at the moment), but one thing that I found to help with exposure is putting together a generic email with all that I had to offer on my site, and going after many of the upcoming blogs. I think you will have more success than I had because I was starting a brand new network, and the traffic wasn’t as high as I’m sure yours is. A lot easier to convince new people for sure.

    Best of luck with Ningin, I’m going to try and spread the word as I believe that the Otaku / Asian community is spread too thin, we need these big social sites to bring together this splintered community.

  3. Hey we should definitely talk Xorsyst. The main goal is like you said, promote all things related to Asian media and we have a lot of things we have in mind to that end. There’s many sites out there like yours that are very good but underexposed. I’m hoping we can work together to change that.

    We just finished a complete redesign of our sites and we’re launching another community for football sometime this week or next. After that, I’ll send you an email =)

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