Ninja Warrior: Levi Meeuwenberg


Levi Meeuwenberg Via Tyson Ceckaおめでとう Levi-さん! Well it seems that America finally has a legend in the making for Ninja Warrior (Sasuke). Just was reading over at Japan Probe that Levi Meeuwenberg not only was one of the only Americans to make it to stage 3, but he was the last man standing in the Spring Ninja Warrior competition! Congratulations Levi! He may soon join my other favorite Ninja Warrior, Shingo Yamamoto.

This is the 2nd year that G4 has sent competitors over to Japan to compete in Ninja Warrior. Last year, the winner was accompanied by the runner up because he showed so much promise. However, both of the competitors went into the murky water of Mount Fujiyama early on. A big let-down after G4 hyped it so much.

Levi was one of the 3 attendees this year from G4. He passed the 2nd stage with ease, and left his 2 Japanese competitors behind and advanced to stage 3. However, he lost his hold, and joined the others in the murky waters. Ganbatte next time Levi. Your new fans will be watching. Insanely close picture of Levi from Tyson Cecka‘s Flickr.

Levi Meeuwenberg KSwiss Free running Commercial (Stunts)

Levi Meeuwenberg Free running Video

Levi and the other 2 competitors on G4‘s American Ninja Challenge 2008

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