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Ninja Warrior: Shingo Yamamoto

Shingo YamamotoI don’t know how many of you watch Ninja Warrior on G4 (Sasuke to those of you in the land of vending machines). But its one of my favorite shows on G4. I honestly say that Ive seen almost every episode that G4 has aired. And by far my favorite competitor is Shingo Yamamoto. He is the gas station employee that worked his way up to district manager, and has competed in every Sasuke since it began. He wears his trademarked Mobile uniform every year except for one. And how fitting that the one year he wore just a plain white T-Shirt, he didn’t even pass the first stage. He has shoulder trouble, so he hasn’t been himself in recent tournaments. However, he’s still my favorite for his determination. Many people over at the G4 Forums think he may have peaked, but I believe he still has a drive to complete the 4th stage! Speaking of recent tournaments, here’s a play by play blog style of the latest Sasuke 2007! Is it me, or did Youtube remove all of the Shingo Yamamoto videos?! I can’t find any of them, so I give you the Shingo Yamamoto cookie!

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. Hey Shingo Fan! I loved your montage of our favorite competitor! I soooo love him too! I don’t know who thinks he’s peaked, I firmly believe he’s still got IT – big time! I got a little Buddha from Japan this past summer and I rub his belly every night for good luck (for our hero). I’m so happy to find someone who appreciates Shingo like I do. Everyone is always going on about Nagano, so it’s especially thrilling for me to be able to share my love for him with someone equally into him! Keep loving Shingo, and make more videos, if you can! Jennifer

  2. Does anyone know where his station exactly is in Tokyo? I go to Japan about once a year and would love to go visit him in person, say he rocks, and get my picture with him!

  3. Heh heh….Shingo Yamamoto in my Firefox search engine is actually how I found this site…lol.

    He’s awesome. I’ve gotten so many people into Ninja Warrior, and he’s always one of the few that -everyone- roots for. (At least in my neck o’the woods.)

    The episode where he dislocates his shoulder on the last course was so heartbreaking…

  4. Ah, another Shingo fan!!! My sister and I are in love with him, too, he’s our fav!!! I always feel so bad when he fails! Yeah, searched YouTube too but couldn’t find him on there :( Argh, I really want to see a video montage of him! Wish I could have seen your vid, xorsyst! Damn Nagano lovers…ah well, I like him too :)

  5. I love watching Ninja Warrior and root for Gas Station as often as I can. This last go round had me cheering like a drunken Superbowl fan for him and morning his spill into the drink. 20 times on Ninja Warrior. Gas Station is AMAZING.

  6. i love Shingo Yamamoto. i know ninja warrior says that yamada is mr. ninja warrior but shingo has been in all of the tournaments so i think he should be mr. ninja warrior. also i think shingo needs 2 ditch the shirt so he can show off the washboard abs we all know he has.

    p.s. i wanna marry you!!

  7. oh my god!! im absolutly in love with Shingo!! I hope he never gives up until he completes it! i almost died when i saw him dislocate his shoulder. When he finally wins (and i know he will) it will be the best day of my life! keep at it shingo!! i love him!! <3 <3

  8. Видела что-то похожее в буржунете, в Русскоязычном интернете про такие вещи как-то не особо часто сообщения увидишь.

  9. Shingo Is also my favorite! He has a lot of spirit and he Has tons of drive, I don’t think he’s peaked I think it’s a lot more possible he’s run into a bad luck streak.

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