Ninja Warrior: Shingo Yamamoto


Shingo YamamotoI don’t know how many of you watch Ninja Warrior on G4 (Sasuke to those of you in the land of vending machines). But its one of my favorite shows on G4. I honestly say that Ive seen almost every episode that G4 has aired. And by far my favorite competitor is Shingo Yamamoto. He is the gas station employee that worked his way up to district manager, and has competed in every Sasuke since it began. He wears his trademarked Mobile uniform every year except for one. And how fitting that the one year he wore just a plain white T-Shirt, he didn’t even pass the first stage. He has shoulder trouble, so he hasn’t been himself in recent tournaments. However, he’s still my favorite for his determination. Many people over at the G4 Forums think he may have peaked, but I believe he still has a drive to complete the 4th stage! Speaking of recent tournaments, here’s a play by play blog style of the latest Sasuke 2007! Is it me, or did Youtube remove all of the Shingo Yamamoto videos?! I can’t find any of them, so I give you the Shingo Yamamoto cookie!

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