Japan unveils a Nutella vending machine!

Nutella Vending Machine on toast

Nutella Vending Machine JapanJapan is the land of vending machines. You can find all sorts of vending machines, from vegetable vending machines to even vending machines that dispense smart cars. You can also hide inside a vending machine if you want to.

Not to disappoint, Japan has come up with a new item to dispense from vending machines, Nutella.

Ferrero Japan has created an interesting vending machine that looks like a huge Nutella slot machine that will dispense delicious breakfast items featuring Nutella on toast. The vending machine is called the Nutella Morning Slot and will be available at Grand Front Osaka mall from November 23 – November 25. This is a free tasting, and be sure to follow and retweet the post on Nutella Japan in order to win a chance at 3 Nutella gifts!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there is anything Nutella doesn’t deserve to bathed in. Do they make a Nutella drink? I was never a big fan of peanut butter, but Hazelnuts is one nut that I don’t mind spreading on a crunchy piece of toast in the morning with an excellent dark roast coffee.

Nutella on Toast Japan

Japan loves Nutella, I’m sure this vending machine’s stock wont last the entire day. So if you are near Osaka, check out the Nutella Morning Slot!

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