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Onnanoko ni Naritai: Cosplay version

Onnanoko ni Naritai: Cosplay verHave you ever wanted to cosplay as your favorite female character only to realize youre male and don’t have a clue where to start? (Come on, there has to be a few of you out there). Well there’s now a manual just for you! Onnanoko ni Naritai! Cosplay ver (I wanna be a girl) gives you all the tips you need like how to put on makeup, how to pose and hear sighs of “moe”, and even how to magically have breast. This is the sequel to the original hit manual Onnanoko ni Naritai. With this manual, you can wear that Suzumiya Haruhi costume with pride! Via Akiba-blog.

Onnanoko ni Naritai: How to grow BreastOnnanoko ni Naritai: Makeup TipsOnnanoko ni Naritai: How to pose

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