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The Para Para Craze

Para ParaIf you have ever seen Japanese girls dancing in a flurry of arm motions in tune with the music, you have experienced a popular Japanese solo dance called Para Para. These ordinary girls are able to remember complex dance routines and perform them in rhythm with other Paralist, as they are called.

If I had to compare it to anything we have over here in America, it would be like Country line dancing. However, unlike line dancing where the majority of the movement is done with the feet, Para Para is done with the upper body for the most part. Plus, Para Para is way more interesting to watch than line dancing.

Para Para has a few theories on how it all started, but one of the more widely accepted is the Wikipedia answer,

It has been speculated that it is a descendant of the traditional Bon Odori dance, though this is incorrect. The dance originated from the early days in the 80’s when men working in the VIP room in clubs would choreograph dances to impress the women. The dance style then grew from there.

Para ParaUsually, the dancing is done to fast, up-tempo genres like Trance, Euro-beat, and Techno. There have been a few spin-off para para sub-cultures for different music styles. TraPara for Trance Para Para and TechPara for Techno Para Para are the popular ones. A group that calls themselves The Hinoi Team has become very popular with Paralists, and are innovating Para Para. Here are a few Para Para videos to entertain you.

Night of Fire

Magic to love

Hinoi Team – Super Euro Flash

Night of Fire – Mickey Mouse Edition

Yunnie – Gears of War Monster

Para Para Paradise Dance Game

Would you try Para Para in public?

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  1. Actually, I just added one more movie above (the last one). Para Para Paradise… the game! Just like DDR, except with Para Para movements. Look at the lights above her. You have to move your hands underneath the octagon thing at the top. There are lasers pointing down all around you. You register movements by breaking the beams.

  2. I would like to try that in public whether I’m not good at dancing or not because if you’re good at it the people will think that you’re really good and when you’re not good at it but you’re not shy and you just want to make others happy by danicng and making them laugh because of your dance it would be great, right? ^ ^

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