Pepsi White – Yogurt flavored Pepsi

Pepsi White – Yogurt flavored Pepsi


Pepsi White in Japan

Well, there is now a new Pepsi product out and it’s called Pepsi White. This summer we saw Pepsi Blue Hawaii that from many reports wasn’t too spectacular. Pepsi White is Suntory‘s flavor for winter 2008. The white color brings to mind snow and Christmas. Hopefully the gimmick alone will prove to be a better hit with consumers than Blue Hawaii was.

The flavor of Pepsi White is lighter than tradition Pepsi. Japan marketing News reports that it has a sweeter, yogurt sort of flavor. JMN brings up a good point however. With the surge in people eating sweets during the holidays, Suntory should of taken advantage of this and made Pepsi White a sort of dessert flavored drink.

Time will tell whether or not Pepsi White will be a hit or miss. I’m waiting for Billy’s review!

Via Japan marketing News.

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