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Sex in Japan: A Documentary

Here’s a classic clip from the BBC’s Sex in Japan documentary. This documentary tries to expose some of the rumors surrounding how the Japanese view sex, and many of the problems Japanese men and woman face regarding incorporating sex in their daily lives. Some parts of this video is NSFW, but it’s very informative. You have to wonder though… where did the BBC get some of this information they used? 3yen may have said it best by calling this BBC’s mythology rather than a documentary.

What do you think?

Written by xorsyst

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  1. Very interesting! I’ve always wondered why bondage was such a big thing in Japan. I was surprised though about how usual prostitution among teenagers is. But I don’t think it’s that bad, I agree on that sex and love isn’t the same thing.

  2. Very interesting, would like to see the whole documentary…

    In regards to the enjo kosei – compensated dating, i believe they were referring to the fact that the rate was so high when this trend was at it’s peak. Knowing a bit about the Japanese and how they deal with trends in their country, I could definitely see it being that high, for a brief amount of time, until the trend faded (as they always do so very quickly out their….)

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