Shinjuku Piccadilly for movie VIPs

Shinjuku Piccadilly Cinema Complex

Do you consider yourself the ultimate movie fan? Do you get excited knowing you’re going out to the movie theaters tonight? Does the smell of popcorn fill you with delight as you walk in the front door of the theater? Do you live in Japan, and have an extra 30,000 yen ($278) to blow? Well you may want to start heading to the Shinjuku Piccadilly Cinema Complex.

This new movie theater features amenities not for the normal movie fan. If you want a celebrity movie experience, their platinum movie experience will cost around 30,000 yen per couple. What do you get for that price?

What you get is a private box furnished with custom made leather Italian sofas, and your own personal surround system. You have your own custom entrance to each booth, your own waiting room, and a private elevator. If this is your idea of a movie experience, for a mere 30 million yen ($278,200) you can own the box for a year. While you can have the normal movie fair such as popcorn and soda, the platinum experience also offers champagne, wine, tea and caviar, prosciutto, among other world class dining fare.

At the time of opening, there are only 10 private movie booths at the Shinjuku Piccadilly. However, all of the movie theaters will feature a state of the art Christies DCP digital projector, one of the highest quality projectors on the market. The Shinjuku Piccadilly will feature a complete digital network able to control all digital movies from one central location.

The Shinjuku Piccadilly does have normal, less expensive seating for ordinary movie fans, but don’t you want to be the envy of all your friends and family?

Via The Windsor Star.

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