Smart Car Vending Machine

Smart Car vending machine

In the land of vending machines, you almost can’t be surprised what you may find in one. CSouth Japan caught one of the coolest marketing vending machines that I have ever seen. To launch the Smart Car in Japan, they have placed a Smart Car vending machine in Shibuya Station.

Smart Car vending machine

The Smart Car vending machine holds a full sized Smart car inside. You can choose from 2 different models, the coupe and the cabrio. When you look at the slot to insert your money, it calls for around $20,000 dollars. What’s cool about this vending machine is that it actually works. No, you don’t get a car when you push the button, but you get a Smart Car tube filled with pamphlets, dealer information, and a sheet of Smart Car stickers. Via Trends in Japan.

Smart Car vending machine

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