Soy Sauce Ice Cream Topping?

Yamato soy sauce for ice cream

Talk about an unusual combination. Yamato Soy Sauce has created a new topping for Ice Cream made from… you guessed it, Soy Sauce. They are expecting the new ice cream toping to be a big hit this summer. Yamato Soy Sauce has been around since 1911, so they must know what they are doing. I guess it depends on the flavor of the ice cream. Via Trends in Japan

Yamato soy sauce for ice cream

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  1. I think a soy sauce flavored soda can’t be far behind :)

    But seriously, soy sauce? Icecream? You couldn’t have two more different flavors. I’d definitely be willing to try it, but I’d also expect to be disgusted in the process. Anyone know if they sell this over here in Hawaii?

  2. A friend of mine had this while in Japan. Said it was absolutely delicious and he had it every night. I have not been able to find it anywhere in the US or anywhere on the internet to purchase it. Does anyone know of a source to purchase some? Would be greatly appreciated!

  3. You can try: which is the official website for Yamato Soy and Miso Company — the manufacturer of this sauce.

    Mr Yamamoto, the owner, speaks English well and can let you know if you can order it directly from them or find an outlet from which you can order this product in the U.S.

    I tried it when I was in Kanazawa two weeks ago and it was amazing! I bought a bottle!

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